How to take care of skin in winters

Winter Skin Care Tips





Best way to get moisture back into your skin is to use a heavy cream lotion. Find one that is won’t clog pores, and slather it on daily and nightly.


Get a professional manicure 

Chapped hands need special attention. You should be washing them often with bacteria-killing soaps to ward off flu and cold bugs, so there’s no getting around that but a manicure here at Flawless in central Hong Kong will bring your hands back to their original glory.


Protect yourself from the sun 

Even when it’s wintertime, the sun can come out to dry and damage your skin. Make sure you are wearing a lotion or makeup foundation with an SPF in it every day to prevent worsening your already dry skin.


Drink up

What you put into your body affects your skin in a big way. Try to drink half your weight in ounces of water each day to rehydrate from the inside out.


Start the humidifier 

Humidifiers pump water into the air of your home via vapor. Use a high quality humidifier in your bedroom at night for the best results.


Switch cleansers 

Facial and body cleansers with soap in them can sap your skin of its natural oils. Choose cleansers that are soap-free and moisturising for winter.


Stop the steamy baths 

It may feel lovely to soak in a super hot bath during the winter, but this intense heat breaks down your skin’s lipid barriers, and moisture leaks out. Opt for warm showers and baths to keep the moisture in your skin.


Try a moisturising mask 

At-home moisturising masks can work wonders in bringing back that healthy glow. Be consistent by using a ten to twenty minute mask once per week


Stay dry 

Sometimes, getting wet from rain and snow is unavoidable, but if you can, stay as dry as possible. Wet gloves and socks against your skin can cause cracking, itching and sores.

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