How to Take Care of Your Skin at Night

How to Take Care of Your Skin at Night


1. Cleansing at Night > Cleansing in the Morning

By evening, a hefty layer of grime is sitting on top of your skin, which is why you’ve got to wipe down before hitting the sheets. Make your evening routine painless on late nights by keeping cleansing pads near your bed.

2. Wash Your Face Last in the Shower

If you work out in the evenings and take your shower afterwards, make sure to cleanse your face after washing your hair. Otherwise, residue from your shampoo and conditioner could sit on your skin and clog up pores (leading to acne) while you snooze.

3. Go to Bed Hydrated

Evenings are the best time to layer on the super-rich moisturizers that we skip during the day for fear of shine. And since some vitamins don’t hold up well in the sunlight, you’ll get more bang for your buck using anti-agers


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