Best skin specialist in pune from 15+ years Aundh Kothrud Viman nagar

Best skin specialist in pune from 15+ years

Selecting the skin doctor and right clinic for treatment of your skin problems does require some basic understanding about the skin specialists and dermatologists, and when to use which type of specialist

Once you identified who could be treating your skin problems in best possible way, here are some tips in selecting right skin doctor and clinic in Pune

Doing research for right skin specialist that matches your skin problem

You can start with search in Google for following terms and create a list of shortlisted names of doctors and clinics specialized skin treatment

Read reviews and patient feedback:

The information on website like treatments done, testimonials and customer reviews about doctor and clinic should give you a fair idea about the type of skin specialist. If not found on website, the reviews about particular skin specialist hospital could be found by simply searching the term in Google. Local directories and online networks do have reviews and star ratings for clinics.

Call for appointment and inquire about consultation charges:

Call for appointment, if you do not get the appointment for your skin doctor that’s apparently good sign. The best skin specialists are generally has busiest schedule and has visits planed even in multiple cities. So it can be good idea to wait for couple of days and visit the best skin clinic in pune.

When you call for appointment of dermatologist in Pune, it is good idea to ask for consultation charges. Some skin specialist in Pune do charge for consultation, and the fees may vary from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 at the time of first visit. but many time this consultation charge includes the proceeding treatment, diagnosis tests etc. In any case it is always better to have an idea about what is it going to cost for consulting your skin problems with a particular skin doctor.

Observe doctors the approach to the skin problems:

So, you are in front of doctor now, don’t bombard the doctors with all the symptoms and with all the information about those skin problems that you read from internet and use medical terms that you probably do not even thoroughly understand…

Instead, just be calm and observe the approach of the skin doctor, how he is trying to understand your problems and symptoms, how he plan to remedy them. Answer all the questions to the point and let doctor run the course of discussion… being specialist in the field, a professional skin specialist knows what to ask and what is not that important in terms of understanding the nature of skin problems you are facing.

Get answers to all your doubts by asking right questions:

During the time of visit, especially at the end of discussion; there comes a time when you should ask all your doubts and worries b framing right and precise questions. It is important that you should not hold anything back out of embarrassment or any other reason, whatever bothering you should be asked in specific and well directed question as time allocated per appointment is limited in most cases.

You know, when you found the right skin specialist that addresses your skin problems as well as doubts and worries related to it in professional manner and make you feel relived...

for other problems like hair loss, baldness check Hair transplant cost, procedure and timeline guideline 

May god bless you with good health !!! 

      skin doctor in pune

      Some times the skin problem faced can be intense in nature like

      In such cases it is best to choose cosmetic skin specialist or cosmetic dermatologist for treatment. In this category of skin problems the treatment can be tablets or injection or laser treatment etc.

      How can I get my perfect hairs ? where to start? 

      cost of hair transplant in pune

      well many time you might not need a hair transplant surgery and your hair loss or baldness can be covered by medicines only.

      the best advice would be to discuss it with hair transplant doctor. its super easy to communicate your exact problem and get a cost and procedure estimate about your problem as you can submit your photo here and get quick estimate of what is the procedure and costs going to be to solve your hair problems.

      May god bless you with good health !!!


      Dr. Pradeep Kumari

      voted as the best young dermatologist by IADVL, ASIA in 2007; is a well known and leading dermatologist- surgeon and aesthetic Physician based at Pune; India.


      Dr. Nitin Jain

      MBBS , MD - Dermatology , DNB (Plastic Surgery) , DDV , F.C.P.S.(Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) Dermatologist , Dermatosurgeon , 12 Years Experience in Hair restoration and Hair transplant surgeries.

      skin specialist in pune

      Dr. Nishant Jain

      is a Dermatologist in Aundh, Pune.  practices at Skin and Surgery International in Aundh, Pune. He completed MBBS from B J MEDICAL COLLEGE PUNE and DVD from B J MEDICAL COLLEGE PUNE.

      skin specialist in pune

      Dr G Revanth

      Skin specialist and dermatologist , experience in treating hair restoration and Hair transplant surgeries and other skin problems

      Dr. Nitin Jain

      Skin Specialist and Dematologist at Skin Specialist clinic
      Dr. Nitin Jain MBBS , MD - Dermatology , DNB (Plastic Surgery) , DDV , F.C.P.S.(Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) Dermatologist , Dermatosurgeon , 15 Years Experience as skin specialist and in Hair transplant surgeries
      Dr. Nitin Jain

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